16 February 2010

Who are Boomp & Chomp?

They're my little bubbas... My gorgeous children.

My little girl, little Boomp, is almost 3 and a half. (You have to do that with your fingers. Three, and ... a ... half. Fingers. Thumb, pointer, ring finger. She can't do the half bit yet.) Boomp was born with the chubbliest cheeks, rolls of ankle and wrist fat and she was just... Boompy. She's also known as M.

Chomp is 9 months old. Ooh, so chompy! So edible and delicious! He's our cruisy little baby boy, so easy and just, you kow, chompy. You could eat him and his dimples in only a few bites. But gosh, they'd be sweet bites. Sometimes I have to stop myself. He's also known as O.

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