23 April 2010

busy busy

Gosh, I’ve been quite busy in the last week or so.

I have two huge assignments for different subjects due on the same day. One of them, an essay, is worth 70%. Not only that, we have to submit it to a peer group for review before the due date and hand that review in as well, all by the due date. I’m attempting to get up earlier than baby O, but some days I only get 15 minutes of work done and he wakes up. Poor Itay, we hardly ever get to have a conversation. M gets in to bed at 8pm and from then until just after 10pm I’m on the computer, working away.

Work. It hasn’t happened yet and to be honest, I’m starting to feel a little worried. My start date was meant to be at some stage over the last two weeks. Then we were meant to have a training session yesterday, a day I don’t have care for the kids. I want to be a good employee, so I managed to book the kids in for “emergency care” at Kindy and asked work just to let me know by 6pm on Wednesday afternoon, so I could confirm with Kindy. Since then, I’ve had no contact. I sent a text, no reply. So I have invested time, money and emotional energy in to settling O in to day care. I’ve had my hair cut and coloured and dug out all my work clothes in an attempt to feel ready to face the world, to put on my employee hat. Now I just feel a bit silly and a lot worried. I’m worried it won’t happen at all.

I applied for another job yesterday and will get back on that wagon, in the moments I’m not writing essays and creating ePortfolios in PowerPoint.

Speaking of O and Kindy, he’s doing OK. He’s not in love with the place and cries cries cries when I leave him. But he seems slightly happier when I pick him up. I’ve only left him for a maximum of four hours so far. He’s been sleeping and eating for them and taking a tiny (and I mean a few sips) of the formula there.

The girl and Kindy. Well, guess what? After two years and a few months, M has finally stopped crying when I leave her at Kindy. She even skipped in to Kindy on Wednesday! What a relief!

O had a fall on Sunday evening and gashed his eyebrow open. Neither Itay nor I actually saw what happened, however his cut was deep enough to warrant a visit to Emergency. The care he received was excellent and in less than half an hour his eyebrow was glued up, they’d given me a sandwich and just asked us to stay a little while so they could observe him. He’s fine, he was a brave little guy and all is well.

So, a long weekend, huh? ANZAC Day. I’ll be trying to get in as much Uni time as possible but with the usual swimming lessons, a play date (Our first! M has been missing her little friend C terribly so I called his mum and arranged to meet with them in the park on Saturday), a birthday party down the coast and a dinner out... I hope I get some done.

We don’t usually attend a dawn service, although we could easily wake up the girl and go. Are you going to a service?

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