8 April 2010

First for him ~ Treat for her

The little guy had his first morning at kindy today. He was very tired when we arrived, I’m not sure if this was a positive or negative way to be. He cried a tiny bit when I handed him over to the girls, but he was soon distracted by the pretty mobiles hanging outside in the trees.

I called an hour and a half later and he was asleep. He’d actually put himself to sleep, after being not so happy prior to that. When we arrived to pick him up, he was red faced, blotchy and sobbing. I was verging on a similar state. He was OK within about ten minutes and was his usual happy self by the time we arrived home.

Next test, Monday and Tuesday mornings next week. He’d eaten his cottage cheese for morning tea and had a few sips of a bottle (well, cup) of formula. He's OK.

While Ori was experiencing his first time at kindy, Ma’ayan I went on a girls shopping date. We bought a few things we need, like a little bag for Ori, another cup for him and very importantly, some silver, sparkly new shoes for Ma’ayan. We had a doughnut. We visited the kids area at Borders (oh, how I love thee, Borders) and we read books. We bought a few ingredients for lunch and dinner.

Ma’ayan and I have actually spent only a few moments alone together since Ori was born. She kept saying “Isn’t it fun to drop Ori off at the Baby Room, Mum?” On one hand yes, I was enjoying our time together. On the other, I was wishing I’d worn waterproof mascara. My little boy!

But he was OK, and Ma’ayan was happy. We’ll keep at it.

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