4 April 2010

Four days

Four days with our little family
Naps (two in one day for me!)
Eating out... sushi and pizza
Playing in the park
Swimming at the beach
Hunting for little chocolate eggs
Our scaredy-cat girl going in to the water by herself, before either of us were ready, and staying in even though it was cold!
The boy laughing and smiling
Tidying up a bit of clutter
Getting through just a little bit of Uni work
Sunshine and rain, at the same time
Delicious home made meals
One more day!

Not so fun... Being a surfer’s wife. I love that he has a passion and that there were actually good waves for him this weekend. Not so in love with the beach nightmare that is a sooky 3 year old who wants her Aba and a very tired but won’t sleep and is literally covered in sand baby, trying to juggle them both and keep them happy... It really was not at all fun.

But fun stuff, family stuff, lovely moments have absolutely outweighed the not so fun. Long weekend bliss. I hope you're having a great long weekend too.

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