10 April 2010

No one said it would be easy...

So if you’re at home with your two beautiful children, and things begin to crumble, what do you do?

The usual suggestions just don’t seem to work. Go for a walk to change the scenery? Nice idea, but the small one will only sit in the pram for a few minutes before turning himself inside out and beginning to cry. Carrying him (he’s tiny, but almost 8kg still becomes heavy after a while!) is not fun. Go outside... good in theory but not so much when outside is covered in spiky debris from the neighbour’s dying trees, mozzies swarming and water oozing out of the trampoline.

Instead, I braved a “threesome” in the shower. With O crying real tears, I bundled us both in the shower, quickly washed us both down and then exited, wrapped him up in a towel and threw a dressing gown on myself. The big girl actually listened to me and arrived in the nudey and jumped in to the shower, playing about for a while by herself. (Yes, water restrictions, I know. But in my distress, I honestly didn’t even think about it.)

O sobbed while I dried and dressed him and then I attempted to feed him dinner, with tears streaming down his face. I paused, had to leave him to sob while I washed the girl and got her safely out of the shower. She dried herself (a new skill) while I continued feeding O his dinner.

Finally, Itay got home. Finally, someone else to hold the baby. Someone else to listen to the girl’s whinging, whining, demands and questions. The baby boy fell asleep quickly, the girl sobbed a bit but off she went (late).

Here I am. I should be working on an assignment. Instead, I’m sipping my green tea with jasmine petals, devouring dark chocolate. Inhaling precious quiet moments, the few moments left in the day.

Because I need to be ready for it all again tomorrow. And maybe tonight. But they are my life, so I am OK with that.

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