17 April 2010

Saturday Adventures

M, toy bucket on head at the birthday party!

Today, this is what we did.
One midnight poo, one night feed, one late wake up (6.20am). Pack picnic, snacks, swimming stuff, toys, four people ready to go.

Swimming lessons, car swaps. Drive to the rainforest, clean up baby vomit on car seat on a slippery 4wheel drive track. Both kids have a sleep.

Lunch in Byron, meet a friend and her bubba for lunch. Drive to Brunswick for friend’s babies (twins) first birthday party.

Drive home, car swap. Drop in at bottle shop! Feed baby, shower baby, hang out washing, vacuum floor. Prepare a divine prawn pasta dish, everyone eats. Baby goes to sleep, preschooler goes to sleep. Clean up dinner.

Fold washing, tea for me, coffee for hi, a slice of divine home made Coconut, Lime Ginger syrup cake. Uni work for me. Exhaustion.

Lovely, lovely day.

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