31 May 2010

point & shoot {boys}

These are the two beautiful boys in my life.
Kingscliff, Far North Coast NSW.

29 May 2010

Chomp has a party

I woke during the night to the sound of rain. Heavy rain. Party's at home, I thought. And it was.

It really was OK... I had a short list of tasks to complete in the morning and after we sorted the kids out, I started on the food. Itay was fantastic and just checked the list, consulted with me a few times then just got on with it, moving furniture, tidying up, retrieving and dusting off chairs and crossing tasks off the list.

Everything was completed by about 9.30am, I was dressed and calm. M was ready, O was still sleeping. Lovely. Here's what it looked like...

We had a lovely day, the kids were incredibly well behaved considering I had no party games arranged (oops!) and they ate a fair bit of food. I really outdid myself with elephant shaped pikelets!

So my baby is one whole entire year old, plus a bit. Happy party day, bubba chomp!

27 May 2010


I despise this feeling. It's the feeling of being beyond tired. All mothers have experienced this awful, dragging feeling. Most people have partied and gone to work and just suffered through the day. The difference with motherhood (I should say parenthood) is that there is no end. When I partied, felt hungover, had no sleep and went to work, I knew I could go home after work and sleep. Parenthood is so unpredictable, you never know if and when you will get a stretch of sleep to recuperate. It becomes depressing.

Simply dropping the ball (or the baby) is not an option. You have to get up, you have to make them dinner. You have to change them, bath them, shhhhhhh them and read to them. You then have to tidy up after them. At the moment I also have to tidy up after "guests" and figure out how to host a birthday party at our house when it was meant to be in the park. Damn unpredictable weather. Those kids won't be getting any party games, I tell you that!

I wonder when I will not feel tired. Ever? Never? Tiredness is one of, if not the most difficult aspect of parenting.

{image via here}

24 May 2010

party elephant party

Do you think I should start with the party stuff? Do you? Considering it is on Saturday, I had better get to it.
I have some lists. I have some cups and plates and some goody bag stuff. I have loads of ideas.

I have to start actually gathering my lists together and figuring out what needs to be done!

We're holding the party at the pirate park here, just by the beach. if it rains, hmm, the back up plan is here at our house. Oh dear. We're aiming for cold food, just morning tea, not too much junk.

I've bought some plain white paper bags and the loot includes pencils, sharpener (for the bigger kids), crayons, a note pad and I'm going to make playdough and include a cookie cutter shape. Each bag will have an initial tied on with a ribbon, the kids can choose their initial and then colour in the bag.
I'm hoping they'll like it, otherwise here are the most boring party bags ever.

point & shoot {gloves}

It's not that cold here... But a fashion statement from the girl demanded gloves. With breakfast.

Playing along, Point & Shoot over at fatmumslim.

22 May 2010


My baby boy. Where are you at?

O has just passed the 8kg mark by a mere 5 grams. He’s a tiny boy and people always comment that he looks too small to be one whole year old. he's actually not really on the accepted "charts". He’s not skinny, but just softly chompy, a little squidgy and just right.

He’s wearing mostly size 0, some left over 00 and a few size 1 tops. I got a big winter lay-by out the other day and was dismayed to find I’d chosen everything in size 1. All these great deals, warm Bonds pants, tops and leggings... all miles too big.

O is crawling everywhere, fast fast fast, attempting to climb, falling over, crashing and generally being a little terrorist (that’s what Itay calls him). He pulls himself up, cruises the furniture and can stand unassisted for quite a while. After his first one-two steps unassisted followed by face plant, he has stopped taking steps.

He loves to clap, he claps when he’s happy and a few days ago he clapped with excitement while he watched me write something on the whiteboard! Yay, Mummy can write! What a relief, he said!

He hasn’t quite figured out waving yet. He does do a bit of high-fiving, but only in Hebrew. So if you say “kiff” to him, he’ll high-five. But say high-five and he looks blankly at you.

Around his actual birthday, the boyo was waking between 5-6.15am, generally at about 5.45am. He’s now waking at around 6.30am. He’s back to bed by 8.30-9.30am for a sleep of between 45 minutes and up to two hours. Another sleep at about 2pm of about the same length. He then goes to bed at about 6.30-7pm. (Except for on his birthday night, he must have known and wanted to party, he cried until 8pm.)

Breastfeeding... we have had to stop our first feed in the morning. O was just throwing it straight back up about 80% of the time. Instead, he has a bowl of porridge almost as soon as he is out of bed, then we feed a bit later on. This is fine, no vomiting. Breastfeeding O is sweet, lovely and addictive.

Just this morning, he showed me he understands “book”. We were in his room, playing on the floor and I said “let’s read a book” and he crawled around me, straight to where a book was poking out of a toy box. He tried to get it out, needed help so he looked at me and when I dislodged it, he picked it up and handed it to me. Book! Love it.

Baby boy. Love you, Chompy boy.

19 May 2010

time time time ~ time to sleep

The last three mornings in a row, the little one has woken late. By late, I mean after 6am. Woot!

Monday morning, Itay and I woke at 6.30am... late late late! Itay was late for work, the day started late. Yesterday, I'd set an alarm. This morning, O slept until about 6.45! What's going on?!

I'm not complaining, let's hope they can both sleep until after 6.30am on Sunday, the only morning we don't have to race out the door. More time for dreaming and resting and rejuvenating.


18 May 2010

Little Miss Sick and Tiny Mr Perpetually Sick

Miss M, camping out in O's cot.
"I'm sleeping here, Mama."

If you'd like to feel really guilty, what you can do is think that the little girl is just faking it. For several nights at bedtime, she has requested Panadol because she says she is sick. She said she has a sore throat. Last night, we knew she was very tired and we weren't really sure if her claims of "I'm sick" were true or not. She didn't look great but with no temperature or other obvious symptoms, we just put her to bed a little early.

By the time I was heading to bed just before 10pm, her breathing was a little different. By 10.30pm, she was in a full blown attack of croup. Not fun for anyone. We calmed and soothed and held her, she practiced her slow breathing and after a while the storm of coughing slowed. Itay set up a mattress in her room so he could sleep in with her for the night. We had some medication left from the last episode so I gave her that. She ended up having an OK sleep through the night and she is pretty normal today. She has a slight temperature at the moment.

Everyone will say this, but I have to say it too. I hate it when the kids are sick. O has been sick for what seems like forever. Really, he has a day or so off from snot and coughs, then the green snot starts up again and he is sick for another week or so. This is not an exageration, he really is relentlessly unwell.

With both kids home from Kindy today, I have achieved nothing on the perpetually long to-do list. Oh well, we've played doctors (M has rubbed lots of lanolin in to my hands as part of one treatment!), made soup, had a tea party... Little bubbas are asleep at the moment. How will the night shape up, I wonder?

No matter what, I'm glad they're both OK. Cuddles are good and they make you feel better. I'm not sure about the lanolin though.

17 May 2010

point & shoot {sour cucumbers}

My kids are half Aussie, half Israeli. We're Ausralis. My husband and my kids love to eat melafufon hamutz, which translates to "sour cucumber", or pickles, if you like. You can buy them at Woolworths, canned in Israel. I think they're pretty awful, but look at these two. They're loving it!

Point & Shoot, over at fatmumslim...

12 May 2010

A year with you

My tiny baby boy celebrates one year of life today. One year ago, at 6.40pm, my darling boy entered the world in his own spectactular way, born on the floor of our bedroom, in to the arms of his Aba.

And here he is now, funny boy in his silly hat, snot nose and gorgeous eyes.

This year with this boy, this divine, serene funny boy, has been an honour and a priviledge. He chose me to be his mother. He is such a delight, a sweet, chompy delight.

I love you, O. Thank you for this year. Happy birthday, small boy.

10 May 2010

Celebration of Motherhood

In many places around the world today, people are honouring the very important role that mothers play in our community.

To celebrate within our little family, this is what I now have close to my heart...

I found Lisa (lovely, helpful and talented!) from Under Her Charm on etsy.com who hand stamped my three special people's names in English on one side and Hebrew on the other. I love it. I adore it!

At the beach on Mothers Day, gorgeous picnic, stunning day...