29 May 2010

Chomp has a party

I woke during the night to the sound of rain. Heavy rain. Party's at home, I thought. And it was.

It really was OK... I had a short list of tasks to complete in the morning and after we sorted the kids out, I started on the food. Itay was fantastic and just checked the list, consulted with me a few times then just got on with it, moving furniture, tidying up, retrieving and dusting off chairs and crossing tasks off the list.

Everything was completed by about 9.30am, I was dressed and calm. M was ready, O was still sleeping. Lovely. Here's what it looked like...

We had a lovely day, the kids were incredibly well behaved considering I had no party games arranged (oops!) and they ate a fair bit of food. I really outdid myself with elephant shaped pikelets!

So my baby is one whole entire year old, plus a bit. Happy party day, bubba chomp!

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