18 May 2010

Little Miss Sick and Tiny Mr Perpetually Sick

Miss M, camping out in O's cot.
"I'm sleeping here, Mama."

If you'd like to feel really guilty, what you can do is think that the little girl is just faking it. For several nights at bedtime, she has requested Panadol because she says she is sick. She said she has a sore throat. Last night, we knew she was very tired and we weren't really sure if her claims of "I'm sick" were true or not. She didn't look great but with no temperature or other obvious symptoms, we just put her to bed a little early.

By the time I was heading to bed just before 10pm, her breathing was a little different. By 10.30pm, she was in a full blown attack of croup. Not fun for anyone. We calmed and soothed and held her, she practiced her slow breathing and after a while the storm of coughing slowed. Itay set up a mattress in her room so he could sleep in with her for the night. We had some medication left from the last episode so I gave her that. She ended up having an OK sleep through the night and she is pretty normal today. She has a slight temperature at the moment.

Everyone will say this, but I have to say it too. I hate it when the kids are sick. O has been sick for what seems like forever. Really, he has a day or so off from snot and coughs, then the green snot starts up again and he is sick for another week or so. This is not an exageration, he really is relentlessly unwell.

With both kids home from Kindy today, I have achieved nothing on the perpetually long to-do list. Oh well, we've played doctors (M has rubbed lots of lanolin in to my hands as part of one treatment!), made soup, had a tea party... Little bubbas are asleep at the moment. How will the night shape up, I wonder?

No matter what, I'm glad they're both OK. Cuddles are good and they make you feel better. I'm not sure about the lanolin though.

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