22 May 2010


My baby boy. Where are you at?

O has just passed the 8kg mark by a mere 5 grams. He’s a tiny boy and people always comment that he looks too small to be one whole year old. he's actually not really on the accepted "charts". He’s not skinny, but just softly chompy, a little squidgy and just right.

He’s wearing mostly size 0, some left over 00 and a few size 1 tops. I got a big winter lay-by out the other day and was dismayed to find I’d chosen everything in size 1. All these great deals, warm Bonds pants, tops and leggings... all miles too big.

O is crawling everywhere, fast fast fast, attempting to climb, falling over, crashing and generally being a little terrorist (that’s what Itay calls him). He pulls himself up, cruises the furniture and can stand unassisted for quite a while. After his first one-two steps unassisted followed by face plant, he has stopped taking steps.

He loves to clap, he claps when he’s happy and a few days ago he clapped with excitement while he watched me write something on the whiteboard! Yay, Mummy can write! What a relief, he said!

He hasn’t quite figured out waving yet. He does do a bit of high-fiving, but only in Hebrew. So if you say “kiff” to him, he’ll high-five. But say high-five and he looks blankly at you.

Around his actual birthday, the boyo was waking between 5-6.15am, generally at about 5.45am. He’s now waking at around 6.30am. He’s back to bed by 8.30-9.30am for a sleep of between 45 minutes and up to two hours. Another sleep at about 2pm of about the same length. He then goes to bed at about 6.30-7pm. (Except for on his birthday night, he must have known and wanted to party, he cried until 8pm.)

Breastfeeding... we have had to stop our first feed in the morning. O was just throwing it straight back up about 80% of the time. Instead, he has a bowl of porridge almost as soon as he is out of bed, then we feed a bit later on. This is fine, no vomiting. Breastfeeding O is sweet, lovely and addictive.

Just this morning, he showed me he understands “book”. We were in his room, playing on the floor and I said “let’s read a book” and he crawled around me, straight to where a book was poking out of a toy box. He tried to get it out, needed help so he looked at me and when I dislodged it, he picked it up and handed it to me. Book! Love it.

Baby boy. Love you, Chompy boy.

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