24 May 2010

party elephant party

Do you think I should start with the party stuff? Do you? Considering it is on Saturday, I had better get to it.
I have some lists. I have some cups and plates and some goody bag stuff. I have loads of ideas.

I have to start actually gathering my lists together and figuring out what needs to be done!

We're holding the party at the pirate park here, just by the beach. if it rains, hmm, the back up plan is here at our house. Oh dear. We're aiming for cold food, just morning tea, not too much junk.

I've bought some plain white paper bags and the loot includes pencils, sharpener (for the bigger kids), crayons, a note pad and I'm going to make playdough and include a cookie cutter shape. Each bag will have an initial tied on with a ribbon, the kids can choose their initial and then colour in the bag.
I'm hoping they'll like it, otherwise here are the most boring party bags ever.

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