29 June 2010

More about food

I’ve been mentioning food quite a bit recently, haven’t I? We love food in our house. We’re hoping to grow our kids in to foodies, that is, people who appreciate good, healthy, delicious food. Although, some days we think we may be heading down an expensive path, as kids who love sashimi, prawns, smoked salmon, oysters make for a big shopping bill! But we love to see their joy when they enjoy their food and we love to cook, experiment and eat.

We plan our meals for the week before we shop. We have a list of tried and true recipes and we try to update this as we try something new. It has to be a successful recipe for us to add it to the list! We try to stay healthy... We make all our meals from scratch, including curry pastes, marinades and sauces. We are healthy in the sense that we know what's going in to our food.

This weekend we cooked: Lamb Vindaloo to freeze for the week ahead. Spaghetti Bolognaise to freeze for the kids. Beef, Barley & Lentil soup to freeze. Apple Crumble. Baba Ganoush. Beef Stroganoff (thanks Masterchef!). Bacon & eggs. Ribs on the BBQ. Salmon patties.

We ate out too. Sushi – M’s favourite soup in the world, miso, and my current favourite, tempura vegetable udon noodle soup. We had chocolate fondue at Max Brenner. Prawn dumplings at the Farmers Market.

We eat a LOT, right?!!! I feel like such a glutton, looking at that list!

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