13 June 2010

Now I'm 36

It’s my birthday today… and I’ll clean up baby vomit. Yippee!

OK, no need to feel too sorry for me, there were puke-free times, good ones at that! Itay and Ma’ayan bought me a huge chocolate cake and adorned it with 36 candles. It was ablaze, much to the girl’s delight! We blew wax on the cake the candles out and ate a yummy slice each. I then unwrapped my present, a new iPod nano, just in time for the gym to open. My old nano (which I won) died a while ago, and with it I lost all my songs as we have bought a new computer since then. So when I have some time I have to restock. Any ideas for good exercise tunes?

We caught up with some dear friends on my actual birthday (today), which was so lovely. Byron was freezing though, as we drove in we saw people wearing gloves and beanies! Itay and I were wearing thongs...

Anyway, sick kids means that I am behind in study. Bye!

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