8 June 2010


My little babies are at kindy today which means I’m home alone for the first time in a few weeks. I’m studying, getting some work done and feeling pain. Oh yes, pain. This morning I accidentally kicked the baby gate as I walked in to the kitchen and I am quite sure I have broken at least one toe.

On Thursday evening I saved O from another emergency department visit but managed to injure my back in the process. He was playing, standing up beside the lounge. Saba asked him where the balloons where (we left them up after his party) and O let go of the lounge to point his hands up to the balloons. He has quite good balance but this time he fell backwards. No matter how you place the furniture, he seems to find the most difficult, dangerous places to play. I leapt across the lounge room from a sitting position on the floor and managed to put my hand behind his back, cushioning his fall and most importantly, preventing his head from cracking open on the corner of the entertainment unit. Phew!

But oh! My back! So I’m sore all over and now with these toes, feeling a little incapacitated. Ouch!

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