22 June 2010

{study work books}

Ooh, busy busy. I have lots happening with Uni, so much study to complete and huge assignments to work on. One particular assignment is simply overwhelming – identifying child with a learning difficulty and working with that child to teach/practice/learn a skill.

I have a friend with a gorgeous kiddie, B. B has Down Sydnrome so has easily idenitifable learning difficulties. However I am a bit nervous, besides learning difficulties, B has other difficulties common to Down Syndrome that will make it slightly more challenging, especially for me as a very, very new and inexperienced “teacher”. It really does make it easier that B’s mum is a friend and so she will be a huge help, letting me know what he can and can’t do. What a wonderful lesson it will be for me. Let’s hope I can help B. We’re going to work on the alphabet.

I have also secured a tiny bit of work from home. Juggling this work and study is interesting, along with the usual parenting, household, living stuff we all have to do. I need to begin planning my “ideal week”, as mentioned in You Sexy Mother. Have you read this yet? Really, I found it the most inspirational book. Have a read.

Edward. Oh, Edward. These gorgeous vampires have me smitten again. I am not usually one for the hyped up books but I picked up Twilight in the library very soon after Ori was born. I then devoured all four books within a few weeks after his birth, feeding and reading. I’m now re-reading the series… and I cannot wait for the movie! Ooh! I’m a Twi-hard! And as for all this Team Edward/Team Jacob stuff, let’s just say a bit of both is nice. These books are so big though, breastfeeding and reading is a lot harder than it was when the boy was tiny tiny! Yesterday he only had three (no, it was four) feeds so my reading time is drastically reduced. Add in reading for Uni… and I really don’t have time to go to the toilet.


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