10 June 2010

Surgery day

My little guy had his operation yesterday. I set my alarm for 3.30am so I could breastfeed him, as his last (breast) feed was permitted up to 4am. As it was, he woke at about 3.15am, so I fed him then. He woke just before 6am (again, just before our alarm!) and was in a good mood as he and Itay set out for the hospital at 6.30am.

I stayed behind with M and took her to kindy. I then headed in to the hospital. O went in to surgery just moments after I arrived, first on the list. Itay stayed with him the entire time, and said that he was a little trouper, barely crying or fussing, just being the easy little boy that he is.

We waited for an hour and finally a surgeon came out to let us know he was fine. He had a little difficulty breathing as the anaesthetic wore off, because of course, after three whole weeks of wellness, he had woken with green snot. The snot interfered with his breathing.

I hung about the kids ward while O slept, had cuddles, wiggled and played. His snot and coughing became worse as the day passed but as the drugs wore off, he seemed more himself. By 4.30pm we were on our way home.

By 5.30pm his cough was terrible, hacking, barking and snot was everywhere. He fell asleep a bit earlier than usual after a warm shower and some dinner. However, he had a very, very rough night. He was up several times, for up to two hours. His coughing is so bad that he just cannot sleep through it. I am pretty sure he has croup, but I am too scared to give him the medication we have for M. I don't know how it will react if there is any anaesthetic left in his system and I don't know what dosage to give him. Needless to say, we are off to the doctor this morning. If I can get him to have a sleep before, he is being a little silly.

So the whole experience of surgery was actually OK. It was the sickness that stuffed it all up. Besides having two surgical Incision, sore little hand from two IV attempts, sore foot from actual IV and this terrible cough, he has some extra awfulness.

He is also cutting at least three teeth, including two molars. He has ulcers on his tongue. He also has a huge blister on his thumb, right where he sucks to self-soothe. He’s a mess.

I've sent M to kindy today for "emergency care". The first thing she did this morning was to spray his face with cold water from a water sprayer. O really needs to have a quiet, healing day. I felt so, so guilty about sending her until the water spray episode. Please get well, little man.

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