9 July 2010


5am. I did it! I got up, got dressed, brushed my teeth and splashed (icy) water on my face. I drove to the gym and I did my thing, along with a surprising number of other people. I was home just before 6.20am, which coincided with the time Ori wakes, giggling and jiggling away in his cot. No disruption to our normal morning routine. I am very tired right now, and there is no way M is going to sleep, especially as she was asleep until 7.50am this morning!

Then, just to add to my feeling of slight smugness, I have hung a load of washing, tidied the kitchen, written the weekly shopping list and meal plan, plus we also managed to get to mothers group... yay for us! It’s a great feeling.

Now, can I maintain it? Wish me luck!

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