20 July 2010


My girl is turning FOUR in a few short months. Four years old. Four YEARS. She’s a real little girl now, a person with a huge personality, no baby or toddler remains. She’s a pre-schooler. A diva. A fairy princess. A FIREY princess.

So, a party. While I can still enforce (that’s such a strong word!) the theme... I will. She wants The Wiggles... She doesn’t really even watch them anymore so I am taking over. Again. Hmm, bossy mummuy. Instead... We’re having a pinwheel theme. I thought about using this theme for O’s birthday, back here.

There are so many gorgeous girly themes out there, there are a myriad of divine blogs and sites to gain inspiration from. What sold it for me was the discovery of this site, draw! pilgrim. As part of her birthday month of July, Pilgrim is very generously sharing free printable party downloads, based on themes of pinwheels and bunting. Done! I mean, look at these gorgeous cupcake toppers:

And the pinwheel papers:

And these envelopes and seals:

So, it's simple, cute and colourful. Thank you, draw!pilgrim...

Now, to check out some more ideas. Maybe the kids can make or decorate pinwheels?


pilgrim said...

aw thanks so much for the shout out! i LOVE that my son is the same age as your girly! <3 i hope she has a VERY happy birthday soon :)

Blythe said...

Thank you! I love love love your work!