15 July 2010

Frazzled Mummy but OK day!

I began the day with a sense of trepidation... The girl was sick, wanted to stay home. Two sick kids at home with frazzled Mummy who has two Uni assignments due, paid work due in and not in the mood for endless amount of patience required. I was extremely nervous, I have to admit it. But it actually turned out to be an OK day!

M was such a good girl. She accepted the fact that I needed to work while O was asleep and she sat quietly with the babysitter TV. We then went out to the doctor, shops, chemist and library. Both kids were great, well behaved and easy. We had a lovely time together.

M even acquiesced to my request to have a rest... I had to actually wake both kids at about 4pm, our cut-off time for afternoon sleeps. I relaxed on the bed and read for half and hour or so, then jumped up to work, prepare dinner, tidy up, all that stuff.

Not so bad after all... Let’s see how I feel after tomorrow!

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Kelly said...

Hope your sickies are feeling better soon!