1 July 2010

Make a change

In light of my last post... A change needs to happen. I had been thinking a little about when the gym opens, and the idea in my mind that when it does, it needs to be like a switch, making a change, transforming me. That should say me, transforming me.
I went to a late movie last night... I saw New Moon. Loved it! I wished I coul have committed to the movie marathon, but the 6.30pm start is just too early for me, breastfeeding the boy before his bed time comes first.

Anyway, I dressed in warm, comfortable clothes. I checked my profile in the mirror. Uggghh... that new (since O's birth), odd shaped tummy was staring back at me. Getting bigger.

I need to make some changes. This flabby stomach, seperated stomach muscles, back pain and self loathing are not going to disappear on their own, are they? I need to enjoy my body, not endure it.

{image via here}

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