5 July 2010

point & shoot {the little guy}

brilliant winter sunshine

My little guy is gorgeous. No questions there. He is funny, sweet and so easy to love. He is just an easy, cruisy bubba. I am not sure how I ended up with this darling bundle of chompy sweet, but I did, and oh, the blessing.

That’s not to say he can’t be trying at times, surely every child is. But his “bad” times are usually moments in time, not minutes or hours. And believe me, I know what it feels like to have hours of bad times! He rarely cries. He often smiles, he laughs easily and he so easily finds joy.

One of the most difficult tasks used to be changing his nappy, changing his clothes and drying him after his bath or shower. He was simply impossible. Over summer, we would end up streaming with sweating, physically fighting with him to hold him down and finish the job. It was awful. Somehow, he calmed down and just allows us to do all these tasks so easily now. It began around the time Itay’s parents visited (so of course they didn’t see how difficult it had been!).

O loves to eat, and when he realises that food is near, or he sees his dinner, he begins to flap his arms and legs and he yells in excitement. He loves pasta, rice, vegies, meat, rice crackers, cheese, grapes, watermelon... usual stuff. We feed him food with mild spices, curries. I’d have to say he adores hot chips. Really, he loves them. He gets cranky and begins to shout if we don’t share quickly enough.

He’s having about three or four breastfeeds a day. We had to drop the very first morning feed as he was throwing it straight back up again Instead, he has porridge and toast, then a little play. By 8am he’s looking for his feed and is happy again once he’s had a short breast feed. He then has another feed in the afternoon and his last one is before bed. I may feed him once or twice in there, depending on how he is, if he’s unwell or if he needs to be settled. There may possibly be a feed through the night, although we’re trying not to do this. We still love breastfeeding, although he giggles, bites and wacks me quite a bit through his feeds quite a bit!

He’s still only just over 8kg in weight and wearing size 0 clothes. He’s tiny.

He crawls fast and furiously, he cruises the furniture and he climbs. He climbs like a mini-Spiderman. He can get to places M never even thought of going. He’s almost ready to walk and has started standing up using his own strength rather than pulling himself up. He’ll be walking soon... I don’t want it to be too soon, I want him to stay slightly immobile for a while. We feel that he’s going to be danger boy once he gets going. If there’s a difficult path, he takes it – over, under, through... He loves it!

Oh he’s just so gorgeous. Thank you, little boy, for choosing me to be your mumma. I love you.

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Kirsten said...

Lovely post!

What a gorgeous, delightful and cruisy little boy he is. Love the radio flyer bike too, looks awesome in pics!!


Emma jane said...

He is just a bundle of lovely :)
so cute



Chantelle {fat mum slim} said...

He's so sweet. :)

Kelly said...

awww, what a beautiful post! He's adorable :)

Blythe said...

Thank you so much girls, he is sweet!