26 July 2010

point & shoot {small boy walks}

The little boy decided that after his week of sickness,
Friday afternoon would be a good time just to stand up and walk.
All the way down the hall.
So funny! It was deliciously cute, he's so tiny and he looks like a bow-legged drunk man
(as do most babies when they start walking!).
So now he walks and walks and walks.
And laughs as he does it.
What a cute little Chomp he is!

And just to prove I do indeed have a daughter, here she is.
Blowing bubbles in her PJs.

Joining in with Point & Shoot, over at fat mum slim.


Kelly said...

Your children are adorable, blowing bubbles is much fun!

Lis said...

Love those early stumbling steps, not long till they're off and running. Gorgeous

Ali {Mummahh} said...

Love the pics you have captured!

Kylie said...

cute indeed!