13 July 2010

Stay at home

I haven’t been back to the gym since my Zumba fun, unfortunately. Sunday was a family day, and by Sunday night we had two sick kids. Ori was sick enough to need his Mummy all day at home and so my fully planned day went out the window. Personal training appointment, meeting with the child I’m working with for a Uni assignment and lots of paid work and study... none of it happened.
Being a stay at home/work at home/study at home parent can be pretty restrictive sometimes. Back when I was working “out of home” and M was sick, Itay and I would compare out day and our situations and see who needed to be at work “more” than the other. Yesterday would have been one of those days where Itay would have stayed home. But in my role as the “stay at home” parent and also the breast feeding mum, that was my job yesterday.

Being a mum who can be with her little snot monster, cuddle him, read him books and be there for breastfeeds whenever he needs soothing, all these things make up my most important role in life. I am glad I can be there for him, for them both, while they are still so little.

That’s not to say there are times when I feel like it is all too hard. After yesterday’s sick day, M woke at 10.45, just as I was heading to bed. I’d been studying all evening and just wanted five minutes of reading for pleasure before sleep. Instead, I spent until after midnight going back and forth to her room. She had bad dreams and was sobbing her little heart out. Eventually I put her in our bed with Itay and she settled after ten minutes and slept well until just after 6am.

Just as Ma’ayan settled and I finally closed my eyes, Ori started to grumble. He bumbled about in his cot on and off until just after 2.30am, when he began to cry. In, out. Water, cuddles. By 3am he was wide awake and very unhappy. I realised he had a slight temperature so some Nurofen and back to bed. I try not to feed him at night these days, too often he throws everything straight back up.

Finally by 3.30am I was in bed and sleeping. My damn phone alarm went off at 5am, which was set for either the gym or study, depending on my mood at that silly hour. My mood was for neither, and so I re-set the alarm for 6am. It felt like literally one minute later the alarm went off and it was time to begin the day.

Tired! So much work to do. Enough whinging. Back to it!

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