10 July 2010


I was wondering how long it takes to actually begin enjoying exercise. Well, today it happened. Itay went out for an morning early surf and M slept in. O and I giggled about and I did some of the week’s cooking and food prep. M woke up (after 8am! So late!) and then O went back to bed. M and I giggled about and I got ready to go to the gym. Itay returned home and before he’d brought his surfboard inside, I was in the car and zoomed off to Zumba!
I arrived on time but unfortunately the Zumba class was cancelled. Instead, a master class. That is, a one and a half hour class with a taste of Zumba, Body Attack, Body Combat, Body Jam, Step and pump. Holy exhausting thought, Batman.

I swallowed my terror and decided to join the class. Zumba was first up, and even after only three tracks, I know I’m going to love it! So fun, dancing is my thing. OK, I should say it was my thing, and Zumba is basically dancing. After Body Attack, I was done. Done.

My sore toes were aching, my flobby floppy flabby bits were moving far too much, and for those who have children, you’ll know what I mean when I say my pelvic floor was not coping so well. But it was fun!

The Body Attack instructor was seriously insanely cheerful and energetic and just insane. Do people that exercise like demons have this happy vibe? She was seriously hot, well, all the instructors were. I can’t decide whether this fact is motivational or devastating while you are in a class.

Anyway, I loved it and I will try my hardest to get to Zumba again! I realised today I need to be fitted for new gym sneakers, mine are very old and just not supportive or comfortable anymore. ooh, shopping excuse!

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