18 August 2010


I’ve been having a good few days, in terms of body and health. I haven’t had any alcohol for six days, no chocolate, no bad snacks. I’ve been indulging in a hot chocolate at night, made from good quality cocoa with a sprinkle of sugar. I’ve been to the gym twice. I did a Body Attack class, on yes, my felt attacked. I felt like I could cry and possibly pass out in the last quarter of the class, but I made it through. I think I need to figure out something to eat before exercising which will give me more energy.

I’m trying to drink loads of water and I am enjoying a few cups of green tea a day. Several times a day/week I think “I’ll just get a .... (insert chocolate, fatty snack, bready snack, heavy fried yukko thing)” however I’ve held off and had a sushi roll or some vegetable sticks instead. At night I’ve had some no-sugar yoghurt with fruit if I need something sweet. Sorry, that’s shouldn’t be “need”, it should say “want”. I feel proud of myself. I’ve had a few headaches, low energy and feeling very tired, but none of that is very unsual.
I love my new shoes and my sports socks. Oh, I never knew that socks could make me so happy. They’re like slippers!

I’ve been using my 1% more mantra.... One tiny percent is not much more to give of yourself, but it is 1% more effort, which results in 1% more fitness. Better results. As the RPM instructor said at 5.30am on Friday, “you did not get up at 5am to put in a half-arsed effort, so GO! Give it all you have!”... And of course she was right. So I did... I gave more, as much as I had, until I felt like there was nothing left.

I want to enjoy this summer, I want to feel happy being on the beach. So I will keep going!

ps. Speaking of health, I am going to join in a Spring Body Challenge!


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