30 August 2010

point & shoot {sicky la la}

We had a long weekend here on the GC, with Friday off for Show Day. Unfortunately, we had a sick family as well! The small boy had a small vomit on Friday , then the girl went downhill in a matter of minutes and threw up in a BBQ shop on Saturday. No new BBQ for us, and no Yum Cha for lunch! She's had extremely high temperatures since then and we've had to get the home call doctor out. Itay is sick too, so sick he's not going to work today and thtat is very, very rare. I've just had a general blah all weekend.

So my point & shoot this weekend is nothing exciting - the girl in the bath after the vomit episode. My photos are still straight out of camera, Photoshop not re-installed yet!

I hope your weekend was healthier and more exciting!

Joining in Point & Shoot over at fat mum slim.


Kelly said...

sorry to hear about the sickness at your house, hope everyone is feeling better soon.

toushka said...

hope you're all on the mend. We had a sick weekend in too, just the flu though.

Chantelle {fat mum slim} said...

This is so cute. You should enter Kidspot's rub-a-dub-dub bath photo comp. The grand prize is $5000, and this photo is pretty darn beautiful. x