23 August 2010

point & shoot {girl by the beach}

My weekend was...

winter sunshine again, I almost wanted to swim!
BBQ picnic by the beach
Greek food for lunch
an afternoon nap
a small piece of (sugar free) chocolate

Playing along with Point & Shoot at fat mum slim today!

This image is straight out of camera, no re-size or anything at all as my Photoshop is not installed in my new hard drive yet.


toushka said...

What a gorgeous day!

Buttons by Lou Lou said...

Gorgeous photo. Sounds like a very lovely weekend!
Although I wasn't tempted to swim here in Melbourne, I did wear far to few clothes when I went out because the sunshine looked beautiful and I was sure it was actually warmer than about 14 degrees :) Lou.

Shan said...


Blythe said...

Thanks so much for your comments, girls! Ooh, I don't think 14 degrees is warm... That is cold morning time here. Brrr! I love Melbourne but just too cold for me!

Kelly said...

Beautiful Picture! Love the hat! It's been a bit to cold here in Melbourne to think about swimming yet, can't wait for spring!

Justine said...

loving that hat!!!! oh oops snap kelly lol. Good to make the most of a beautiful day! xox

Becky said...

Beautiful shot. Sounds like the perfect day.