3 August 2010


The darling kids are sleeping well at the moment. I probably just jinxed myself by writing it down, right? O goes to bed at about 7pm and sleeps soundly until about 6am. M goes to bed around 8pm and generally sleeps soundly until about 6.45am. She is actually the one who seems to wake more through the night at the moment, with wee accidents, bad dreams, hot, thirsty, sharks and tigers, cuddly toys falling out of bed. However, about 4 nights out of seven, we all do pretty well. Amazingly well. I know how blessed we are right at the moment.

So why do I consistently wake up feeling exhausted? Wretched and body slammed, even before I open my eyes?


Kelly said...

What a cutie, great shot! I feel the same way and all three of my children sleep through the night now.

Blythe said...

I wonder why it is, Kelly?