12 August 2010

Winter bed

Do you know what I love about winter? Making the bed. Seriously, yes, I like it. We just have a doona on our bed in winter and so making the bed consists of shaking out the doona and straightening up the pillows. I get a small, weird feeling of satisfaction when the bed looks tidy. In summer we have just a top sheet and no matter how neatly it is folded, it never looks as lovely as a doona.

Oh and I wish this was my bed. Nope, image from here.


Kelly said...

I am the same, love my bed in winter with the warm colourful doona and extra pillows. In the summer its just sheets and it doesn't feel the same as it does in the winter.

Bec Watts | Yummy Mummies said...

great blog. and i love this bed head - i think even i could attempt to make something like that...! bec xx