27 September 2010

Party time

The girly girl turns four very, very soon. Party planning is in full swing... in my head. The party is on Saturday morning, so I best get in to it, right?! I have a box of party stuff and loads of ideas. I just need to spread it all out on the floor and sort through it. Make some of those ideas come to life, and maybe even sort some food out! there are just so many beautiful party ideas and blogs out there, I spend far too much time reading and dreaming than actually doing. The little Miss now wants fairies, princess, pink and blue.

I'll work on it tomorrow. If only the rain holds off... Otherwise we'll have to move from the park to our house, and that means I'll have to actually clean the house!


point & shoot {boy eats sand}

This little guy and I hung out together on Sunday. We took a trip to the beach, where all he wanted to do was eat sand.

Can you see his fat lip and bloody nose? He tumbled out one of our doors and hit the pavers, face down. Blood, tears, snot... He's a little chomp.

Joining in over at Point & Shoot with fat mum slim.

26 September 2010

pom pom

I've been attempting to make tissue paper pom poms for the Boomp's birthday party next week. This lovely post by Wynona over at Ivy Designs reminded me of paper pom poms so I headed over to Martha Stewart for the instructions.

They are very easy to make. However, mine do not look as pretty and flowery as these.  Practice, maybe? or I could just not, and do balloons. Because I don't have hours to perfect my pom pom making skills.

They're pretty though, aren't they!

24 September 2010


In the last few weeks, I have been feeling pretty awful upon waking, after eating, before eating, during eating. Hungry, constantly. These feelings are familiar... Just as I felt when pregnant with both kids. More so with the baby boy, when I had to control my gestational diabetes by injecting insulin.

On that note, I went to the doctor this morning to begin an investigation. Next week I'll do a Glucose Tolerance Test, if you've been pregnant you'll probably know this is the two hour test where you sit around drinking a sugary drink and giving lots of blood each hour.

I can't even think of the consequences yet but to be truly honest, I think I already know what that test will indicate.


21 September 2010

Razor blades

This is how my throat feels today. As if someone is holding a razor blade (or several) to my throat. (Although if it were Johnny Depp holding anything to my throat, I'd be happy in my pain.)

Image from Sweeney Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

18 September 2010

To a degree

I am having a little freak out about study. I'm enjoying this study period (so far!) and doing only one unit at a time is bliss compared to last study period. However, if I mosey along at this rate, I'll be the world's oldest teacher. I'll probably get a spot in the Guiness Book of World Records. I may need to rethink my plan.

14 September 2010

Please vote for us!

Hi lovely bloggety blog readers... Shameless plug here!

Please vote for us! We would love to win this amazing portrait session with talented photographer Nicole Ramsay. Click through here, we're #22 and vote!!

To prove that we need this shoot, we have only two photographs of us as a family of four since Ori was born 16 months ago! And the photo I submitted is only of M because I don't have a recent one of the two of them together (that's my fault!). So please vote for us!

Thank you...

13 September 2010

Dear John

For the first time possibly ever, I have watched a movie that was better than the book! That never, ever happens to me. I read voraciously, I devour books if given the time and space. I love books, I love to escape in books.

I most often read a book before a movie is made. Often I read a book not even realising a movie has been made of the story and then I will seek out the movie, or vice versa.

Recently I read Dear John by Nicholas Sparks, and today I watched the movie. The movie was better! The ending was so lovely and hopeful, I found the book so sad and just so hopeless at the end. I felt pissed at the end of the book! True chick lit and flick material. I cannot believe I'm saying it, I never thought I would, but the movie was better. The End. xx


11 September 2010

Lifetime of exercise

I've just figured out that exercise, in whatever form it takes, needs to be a part of my life for the rest of my life. I can't just go to the gym to lose weight. I need to keep going, after that goal has been reached, because the ultimate life time goal is health, fitness and strength.

I know that may seem pretty obvious to some, but I don't think I actually realised it until this morning in the middle of a pump class. My second ever pump class in about ten years, actually. There are two girls I have noticed in spin class before and also just around the gym, perfect bodies, perfect gym clothes, matching shoes and all the accessories such as gel bike seat, bike shoes, weights lifting gloves (or whatever they are called). These girls are buff.

They are also, very obviously, dedicated to fitness. They look the way they do because they invest time, energy and money into working their bodies hard. I realised, right then, that you don't just go to the gym to get fit (although I do need to do this), you go to the gym to be fit.

A light bulb moment. A very overwhelming light bulb moment. Does it become easier? How do I make it easy, part of my routine, part of my daily existence? Will I always walk around in pain, as I am today? My legs are very sore, so wobbly at times that they threaten to give way under me!

So, a lifetime of exercise ahead of me. I had better begin to enjoy it then, huh?

8 September 2010

Shana tova ~ a good new year to you

ראש השנה

Happy Jewish New Year

We don't usually celebrate Rosh Hashanah but tonight we're actually making the effort to celebrate with friends down the coast. Amongst other traditions, the apple and honey symbolize a sweet near year. So, a sweet new year...

6 September 2010

point & shoot {boyo}

He's the cutest boy I know, this little guy. He adores being outside, he loves being dirty, wet and playing with wheels and balls.

He is transitioning to one sleep at the moment and that can mean he is absolutely miserable from about 3.30pm. On Friday night, the hours of misery, tears and leg-clinging was all worth it when he giggled hysterically at bed/boob time. Laughed and laughed at my breast, my nipple and himself. I'd try to feed him and he would crack up with my nipple in his mouth. It was too, too funny! Who knows what he was laughing about, but it made all the bad moments fade in to nothing.

My giggle boy.

4 September 2010

The dark side

I had my hair cut and coloured on Wednesday. I joined the dark side. I went from blonde-ish, with darker roots to dark all over. I'm a brunette now! When I was 19, I cut my hair very short, about an inch long, and dyed it black. I looked like Dr Spock's daughter for a while! I'm enjoyed the dark side this time...

No, this isn't me. I'll get Itay to take a photo soon. Of course, now I have washed it, it will never again have that "just been to the hairdresser" style, will it?!


3 September 2010

Imaginary friend

My daughter has an imaginary friend. Her name is Tibby. Tibby can be a baby, she can be a mummy. Tibby has had a full life, I can tell you that. She flies on planes, she goes to England, she plays at the beach and she doesn't like having naps during the day. Tibby is mentioned many, many times each day. She's a character, that Tibby. My daughter, too.


2 September 2010

I wish ...

I wish I was lazing beneath this tree on a beach towel. I'd have a pile of books, magazines and a notepad. A cold drink and some fruit, dips and crackers. I'd be alone and quiet. Just for a few hours.

One day!

ps. Something weird is happening to my photos. Stretched?

1 September 2010

I need a frock!

I have a spring wedding to attend in mid-October, so of course I need a new dress. It's a morning wedding, followed by a picnic brunch and bouche on the lawns of a private house. It's BYO picnic blanket!

Something floaty, pretty but not too girly, something easy to sit down on a picnic blanket and move around in. I have no idea where to look. Any ideas? Any interesting websites or stores you have seen?