13 September 2010

Dear John

For the first time possibly ever, I have watched a movie that was better than the book! That never, ever happens to me. I read voraciously, I devour books if given the time and space. I love books, I love to escape in books.

I most often read a book before a movie is made. Often I read a book not even realising a movie has been made of the story and then I will seek out the movie, or vice versa.

Recently I read Dear John by Nicholas Sparks, and today I watched the movie. The movie was better! The ending was so lovely and hopeful, I found the book so sad and just so hopeless at the end. I felt pissed at the end of the book! True chick lit and flick material. I cannot believe I'm saying it, I never thought I would, but the movie was better. The End. xx



Kelly said...

This book is on my to read list, I have been wanting to see this movie too. I haven't seen a movie that is better than the book before. Do you recommend I read the book or watch the movie first?

Blythe said...

Hmm, I think book first. The book was of course more detailed and very lovely, but I just loved and preferred the ending of this movie. Let me know what you think!