11 September 2010

Lifetime of exercise

I've just figured out that exercise, in whatever form it takes, needs to be a part of my life for the rest of my life. I can't just go to the gym to lose weight. I need to keep going, after that goal has been reached, because the ultimate life time goal is health, fitness and strength.

I know that may seem pretty obvious to some, but I don't think I actually realised it until this morning in the middle of a pump class. My second ever pump class in about ten years, actually. There are two girls I have noticed in spin class before and also just around the gym, perfect bodies, perfect gym clothes, matching shoes and all the accessories such as gel bike seat, bike shoes, weights lifting gloves (or whatever they are called). These girls are buff.

They are also, very obviously, dedicated to fitness. They look the way they do because they invest time, energy and money into working their bodies hard. I realised, right then, that you don't just go to the gym to get fit (although I do need to do this), you go to the gym to be fit.

A light bulb moment. A very overwhelming light bulb moment. Does it become easier? How do I make it easy, part of my routine, part of my daily existence? Will I always walk around in pain, as I am today? My legs are very sore, so wobbly at times that they threaten to give way under me!

So, a lifetime of exercise ahead of me. I had better begin to enjoy it then, huh?

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