27 October 2010

Life as we know it

I recently watched the movie Life As We Know It. It was a nice bit of fluff, a sweet movie but also extremely sad and as the mother of two young children, quite thought provoking. Without ruining the story for you (this bit is in the movie trailer) the parents of a baby girl pass away in an accident. The parents have left the care of their daughter to their best friends (who are actually frenemies in the movie).

It got me thinking... Itay and I talked about this a while ago but we never actually made any decisions. Do you have someone that is named as the carer or guardian for your child if you should pass away? How did you decide?


The tiny one

Too many stripes, Mum!

My little guys is exactly that, little. He's growing very slowly but isn't really on the "charts". At just over 9kg at 17 months, he's a little tiny boy.

A few days ago we attended a long awaited dietician appointment. There were no surprises. I know he eats well, a healthy and varied diet witha  mix of textures, tastes and colours. He enjoys most food we offer him and he eats quite a bit. The only additions the dietician recommended were just adding a bit more fat to his diet, such as grating cheese on his food, adding cream to certain foods, all the things adults would do to lose weight.

Next up is a long awaited appointment with a pediatrician. I wonder what he'll say.

I'm also going to ask about O's speech, which is not really happening. He certainly understands us and he does loads of babbling and speech-like sounds. He has little conversations with himself and he can say "Aba" (daddy) when prompted, and sometimes Mummy. He does have certain sounds for certain things or events or people. However he's not really making much progress. I'm trying not to worry, and maybe he is just doing the normal second child, boy, bilingual thus slower to speak thing. M was so different, she was speaking in short sentences by 17 months, although I know comparing doens't help at all. It does make me worry though, and so I shall ask.

26 October 2010

What they do to me

On yet another day cooped up inside, I let M loose with a box of old make up. This particular tiny tub of silver glitter is quite probably vintage. I've had it since I was a child and I have no idea how I got it. There's not much left of it after M did this to me!

It's a bit blurry, but you get the idea! She also used an old brown eyeliner all over my forehead, whcih I didn't catch, but it made me look like I had some weird growth in my hair. You can also see a little of it on my chest. It was a fun clean up...!

High tea

A couple of weeks ago I went to a high tea in a posh hotel with some girlfriends. La di dah! It was just so lovely to dress up and escape for a couple of hours. Here's what we devoured...

See that little dark chocolate ganash tart peaking out on the bottom tier? It was, seriously, the best sweet delight that I have ever eaten. So, so divine.

25 October 2010

Coloured rice

I came across a quick, fun craft activity in blogland the other day, and as we were pretty much trapped in the house for much of last week, I thought M and I would try it out.

It's so easy, and while I thought the preparation would be messy, it is actually pretty much mess free as long as you supervise!

You need:

Rice, any kind
Ziplock bags
Food colouring
Hand sanitiser, make sure it has alcohol in it

Pour some rice in a bag. Squirt in a bit of the sanitiser. Add a few drops of food colouring. Carefully zip up the bag. Shake and squish the rice so it becomes coated in the sanitiser and food colouring. Pour in to a bowl to dry. (I lined the bowls with paper towel as I wasn't sure if it would stain, but it didn't seem to.) Now make a few more colours!

The colour dries quite quickly. I then set it up outside for M to pour, spoon, funnel, mix and play with. O had a few attempts at overturning every single container so we had to pack up and wait until he was asleep. M loved this activity and it was so easy to do. She can also use the rice to glue on to pictures now too.

Fun, easy activity!

point & shoot {blissful sunday}

What a gorgeous day we had yesterday! Besides the beautiful weather, we just had a day full of family goodness. We packed up and went to the beach reasonably early and we all had our first swim of the season. O ate half his body weight in sand, chased the sea gulls and went blue. M jumped straight in, played on her board, laughed and went blue. The water was amazingly pleasant and it wasn't cold (for us) even when out of the water.  The kids just seem to go blue...

We packed up and headed for a new Yum Cha spot as M had been asking for Yum Cha for a few days. Our usual restaurant is in Surfers, which is a no-go-during-Indy (or what ever it is called these days) zone. We love this new place and it has lots of bonuses, besides the amazing service and good food!

We then discovered a free craft and sports activity area and so we had a little play there. The kids both fell asleep on the way home and stayed asleep for a couple of hours once in their beds. I opened a drink and read a fantastic book (love/food, great combination!) on the day bed and then lay down for a short, outdoors nap. Bliss!

We then had a simple dinner, followed by Junior Masterchef (we all love it!) and Offspring, my new favourite TV show. Ahh! A very restorative day, after a ridiculously crap week. Now to hold on to that feeling!

Playing along with Point & Shoot over at fat mum slim.

21 October 2010

Sick house

We're all a little unwell in our house... The Chomp actually has to have a chest xray as he is really suffering. I've had some of my lowest parenting moments over the last few days, with a very sick, whinging, coughing child attached to me permanently. I'm not proud of me, let me tell you. And on the days you reach out, when you know you need help, it isn't there. Here's hoping we're well again soon.

18 October 2010

point & shoot {wedding}

What a beautiful, relaxing, divine day we had at our darling friends, C &J's wedding on Saturday. After weeks and weeks of rain, and after an almost cyclonic storm on Friday night, the day dawned super blue, crisp, sunny and perfect. What a blessing for them... So the picnic blankets were laid on the grass, the Pimms & lemonade flowed, the Cosmopolitans were consumed and the boules games commenced. It was truly a magical day. I'll post more later, but here is a photo of the cake my darling friend Peta made for the wedding.

And, just because I promised, here's a slightly dodgy photo of me and Itay at the wedding. Itay looks funny, but he's probably just reeling in amazement at the delicious scallop wrapped in prosciutto in a lemon butter sauce that he is eating...

15 October 2010

Cake bunting

Cake bunting seems to be popping up everywhere on party blogs. I thought I'd show you my attempt on M's birthday cake! I'm quite happy with the actual bunting and it was so easy to make. I just used tiny diamonds of scrapbook paper, a ribbon, two wooden skewers and glue. Easy! There's a tutorial here and you can download some little diamonds & fonts too.

But seriously, how terrible is my icing! This is actually the first time I've ever iced a cake with anything other than homemade chocolate ganache... so this Betty Crocker stuff was all new to me. I'm terrible! But M loved it... She just plopped the candles, fairies and bugs where she wanted them so it was a collaborative effort. The little girls all swooned...

14 October 2010

Wedding attire

So, the picnic wedding is almost here... We're heading down the coast tomorrow and the wedding is on Saturday. Please let the rain stay away!

I did buy two dresses but returned them both, and have shopped in my own cupboard, for necessity's sake. I ahve two dresses to wear, depending on the weather. I bought some of those control undies, specifically "ab holders" and wow, those things work! I'm wearing sandals I already own and  purchased a hair do-dah and a gorgeous necklace, for the total price of $10. I promise to take a photo!

I tried to go colourful, light, lacey etc... But it just isn't me. I do black. Funky maybe, not frilly. Anyway, I'm really happy with my options and I just hope the kids are OK with my mum. I really want to mentally relax and enjoy the wedding and the company of my friends.

When I first received the news of C's wedding date and location, I dreamed of a weekend away with Itay, the two of us in a  little place down the coast, maybe even a spa and just time out toegerth and with friends, sans children. I dreamed of having my hair styled on the morning of the wedding and dinner out after the celebration.

Instead we're rushing down, staying with friends and the children are being cared for only for a couple of hours. I guess I need to take what I can get. Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts!

13 October 2010

A trip to the Holy Land

Oh yes... Here we go again! We're off to Israel in May 2011 to attend my brother-in-law's wedding, Itay's younger brother. Two kids... long haul flights... big wedding... It's going to be an intense experience! We have so much to do before then, the most immediate being the flights, of course. So complicated!

Israel is such a diverse country. I'm looking forward to watching the kids absorb the country, play with their Israeli family, eat the food and generally soak up some time in their Aba's place of birth.

Itay grew up here:

It's where he learned to surf and speak English... It's where he lived until he was 26. HIs family still live very close by.


Tea is my friend

Tea. I never ever drank "hot" beverages, I didn't even really drink hot chocolate. When I fell pregnant with Ma'ayan, I stopped drinking alcohol and I think I became addicted to green tea around then. I now have several glasses (yes, not cups) of green tea a day. I love green tea with jasmin petals.

I went to a lovely high tea on Saturday with some friends, cups of tea and delicous tiny goodies. I did have the most divine dark chocolate ganache tart. Ok, I had two! Somehow my camera has deleted all photos of that relaxing outing...

Now my jasmin green tea is getting me through a very overloaded day. Two deadlines. Tea is lovely!


12 October 2010

And on the other hand...

Here's the boyo, rocking out to the band! Not the greatest shots, but he was having fun!

And here is another activity we did over the weekend, making wontons. We all love wontons and we used to make them all the time. They are quite time consuming so have fallen by the wayside. However we're having them this week (with chicken sang choy bow) so the girl learnt to make wontons.

It will be interesting to see how hers hold together when we steam them!

11 October 2010

point & shoot {too loud}

It hasn't stopped raining here over the weekend, it's been torrential and unrelenting. It meant that we stayed inside, one birthday party at McDonalds instead of the park, lots cooking and lazing around. I'll post more later, but this photo made me laugh. We grabbed a cheap pub lunch in Tweed on Sudnay and a band started up just as we were leaving. This was the girl's face... She was saying "It's too loud Mummy, I want to go home"!!!

Joining in again with Point & Shoot over at fat mum slim.

10 October 2010

The four year old

She is four. Four years old. No baby left, no toddler left... A real live girl.

"You're exploding my head, Mummy."

"I'm getting frustrable with you."

Just a week before her 4th birthday, she decided she didn't want to wear pull-ups to bed at night anymore. So we stopped... Other than one or two accidents, she has done so, so well. She wakes and asks for help if she needs to go the toilet at night. We tried three seperate times at the beginning of the year but she obviously wasn't ready. She told us when she was ready and we're very proud of her efforts. Big girl now!

She's wearing size 2, 3, 4 and 5 clothes. I'm buying size 5 for her as she seems to be growing up, not out. I have size 2 shorts which still don't stay up around her thin waist and size 4 tshirts which only just cover her belly.

She's an ultra emotional diva. Exhausting.

She loves to help with cooking. She loves watching Master Chef, and now the kids version.
She loves princesses, fairies, make up and nail polish. She is such a girl.

She is impossibly beautiful.

Playing Masterchef, straight out of bed.

4 October 2010

point & shoot {boy & girl}

Boyo after tears. Snotsy!

Last sleep as a three year old!

I used the flash with both of these photos I think, and I can see now why I have learned not to use it. Anyway, lots of partying, cooking, cleaning, sorting, icing and rain at our place over the weekend.

Happy fourth birthday to my girl today!

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2 October 2010

The birthday girl in all her glory

Here she is, pinking out...

Me and my little guy

Isn't he the sweetest thing?

No more cake!

I'm back... All done. Two parties... Both inside because of rain. I think they both went well! I am exhausted!

Here's the girl, learning one of life's very important lessons.

When baking a cake, especially a chocolate cake, you must lick the beaters. My mum taught me and now I teach my girl. Yum... lucky we don't make too many cakes around here!