15 October 2010

Cake bunting

Cake bunting seems to be popping up everywhere on party blogs. I thought I'd show you my attempt on M's birthday cake! I'm quite happy with the actual bunting and it was so easy to make. I just used tiny diamonds of scrapbook paper, a ribbon, two wooden skewers and glue. Easy! There's a tutorial here and you can download some little diamonds & fonts too.

But seriously, how terrible is my icing! This is actually the first time I've ever iced a cake with anything other than homemade chocolate ganache... so this Betty Crocker stuff was all new to me. I'm terrible! But M loved it... She just plopped the candles, fairies and bugs where she wanted them so it was a collaborative effort. The little girls all swooned...

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All in a Daze said...

I have never heard about cake bunting until now!! I must remember that as My daughter turns 2 in december!!

Great job on the cake :)