10 October 2010

The four year old

She is four. Four years old. No baby left, no toddler left... A real live girl.

"You're exploding my head, Mummy."

"I'm getting frustrable with you."

Just a week before her 4th birthday, she decided she didn't want to wear pull-ups to bed at night anymore. So we stopped... Other than one or two accidents, she has done so, so well. She wakes and asks for help if she needs to go the toilet at night. We tried three seperate times at the beginning of the year but she obviously wasn't ready. She told us when she was ready and we're very proud of her efforts. Big girl now!

She's wearing size 2, 3, 4 and 5 clothes. I'm buying size 5 for her as she seems to be growing up, not out. I have size 2 shorts which still don't stay up around her thin waist and size 4 tshirts which only just cover her belly.

She's an ultra emotional diva. Exhausting.

She loves to help with cooking. She loves watching Master Chef, and now the kids version.
She loves princesses, fairies, make up and nail polish. She is such a girl.

She is impossibly beautiful.

Playing Masterchef, straight out of bed.

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Kelly said...

She is beautiful, and sounds a like my 4 year old Skye.