27 October 2010

Life as we know it

I recently watched the movie Life As We Know It. It was a nice bit of fluff, a sweet movie but also extremely sad and as the mother of two young children, quite thought provoking. Without ruining the story for you (this bit is in the movie trailer) the parents of a baby girl pass away in an accident. The parents have left the care of their daughter to their best friends (who are actually frenemies in the movie).

It got me thinking... Itay and I talked about this a while ago but we never actually made any decisions. Do you have someone that is named as the carer or guardian for your child if you should pass away? How did you decide?


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Nat Kringoudis Melbourne said...

Yup! I remember when we were kids and mum and dad sat us down and said should anything happen to us, that my uncle and aunty promised to take good care of us. I will never forget that day.
So I did the same, and asked my sister and her husband to be the guardians of our little people, however many there may end up being.
Praying that day will never come. It's sad to think about it really!