4 October 2010

point & shoot {boy & girl}

Boyo after tears. Snotsy!

Last sleep as a three year old!

I used the flash with both of these photos I think, and I can see now why I have learned not to use it. Anyway, lots of partying, cooking, cleaning, sorting, icing and rain at our place over the weekend.

Happy fourth birthday to my girl today!

Playing along with Point & Shoot over at fat mum slim!


Kelly said...

Your children are adorable! Such lovely picture, even with flash.

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures. Happy birthday to your 4 year old!
My eldest is turning 5 this Saturday coming..Where do the years go?

Oh, and you created a pretty neat shadow there using the flash!

LionessLady said...

Look at that teeny tear rolling down the cheek! Sweeet!

The Clip Cafe said...

Beautiful Post :-)

Anonymous said...

aww tears :( and a happy birthday miss 4.... they grow too quick.... xox