11 October 2010

point & shoot {too loud}

It hasn't stopped raining here over the weekend, it's been torrential and unrelenting. It meant that we stayed inside, one birthday party at McDonalds instead of the park, lots cooking and lazing around. I'll post more later, but this photo made me laugh. We grabbed a cheap pub lunch in Tweed on Sudnay and a band started up just as we were leaving. This was the girl's face... She was saying "It's too loud Mummy, I want to go home"!!!

Joining in again with Point & Shoot over at fat mum slim.


Belinda said...

Bless her.
Some of my girlfriends live up your way and said the rain has been terrible X

The Clip Cafe said...

Oh we need rain here but have been getting almost summer like weather (nice but still...) Adorable Face :-) We joined in too :-)

Kelly said...

haha, love this shot!