27 October 2010

The tiny one

Too many stripes, Mum!

My little guys is exactly that, little. He's growing very slowly but isn't really on the "charts". At just over 9kg at 17 months, he's a little tiny boy.

A few days ago we attended a long awaited dietician appointment. There were no surprises. I know he eats well, a healthy and varied diet witha  mix of textures, tastes and colours. He enjoys most food we offer him and he eats quite a bit. The only additions the dietician recommended were just adding a bit more fat to his diet, such as grating cheese on his food, adding cream to certain foods, all the things adults would do to lose weight.

Next up is a long awaited appointment with a pediatrician. I wonder what he'll say.

I'm also going to ask about O's speech, which is not really happening. He certainly understands us and he does loads of babbling and speech-like sounds. He has little conversations with himself and he can say "Aba" (daddy) when prompted, and sometimes Mummy. He does have certain sounds for certain things or events or people. However he's not really making much progress. I'm trying not to worry, and maybe he is just doing the normal second child, boy, bilingual thus slower to speak thing. M was so different, she was speaking in short sentences by 17 months, although I know comparing doens't help at all. It does make me worry though, and so I shall ask.

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