14 October 2010

Wedding attire

So, the picnic wedding is almost here... We're heading down the coast tomorrow and the wedding is on Saturday. Please let the rain stay away!

I did buy two dresses but returned them both, and have shopped in my own cupboard, for necessity's sake. I ahve two dresses to wear, depending on the weather. I bought some of those control undies, specifically "ab holders" and wow, those things work! I'm wearing sandals I already own and  purchased a hair do-dah and a gorgeous necklace, for the total price of $10. I promise to take a photo!

I tried to go colourful, light, lacey etc... But it just isn't me. I do black. Funky maybe, not frilly. Anyway, I'm really happy with my options and I just hope the kids are OK with my mum. I really want to mentally relax and enjoy the wedding and the company of my friends.

When I first received the news of C's wedding date and location, I dreamed of a weekend away with Itay, the two of us in a  little place down the coast, maybe even a spa and just time out toegerth and with friends, sans children. I dreamed of having my hair styled on the morning of the wedding and dinner out after the celebration.

Instead we're rushing down, staying with friends and the children are being cared for only for a couple of hours. I guess I need to take what I can get. Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts!

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