30 November 2010

The Chomp at 18 months

This is O's new funny face - ask him to smile for the camera and this is what you get!

My little guy is now 18 months old. Time flies when you're being cute, huh?
  • He's still a tiny chomp, weighing about 9.8kg.
  • He's wearing sizes 00, 0 and 1.
  • He loves to walk and run. he's actually becoming quite a good little runner, it seems to be quite easy for him.
  • Climbing, the new cool activity. Climbing anything and everything. He can now climb on to the dining table via the chairs. He has fallen off the kid table a few times and off the lounge numerous times. He doesn't seem to learn, just climbs back up, falls back down.
  • He doesn't have any real words. A worry. He sort of says hello, Aba (Dad in Hebrew) and Mama. I know he has the second child/big sister who talks over him/bilingual thing against him but he really should have more words by now. He has a hearing test booked in a couple of weeks.
  • Even though he doesn't talk, he is loud! He chatters away, bangs and crashes and makes his prescence known. He also sits quietly in his room, reading books.
  • He still sucks his thumb.
  • We breastfeed in the morning and just before bed. His feeds are quite short now, and I feel he'll stop them some time soon. I love breastfeeding him and I will be so sad when we stop.
  • His hair is so long and golden, his little soft curls are divine. He is blonder than M is.
  • His blue, blue eyes continue to astound people, they are so pale and yet so vivid.
  • His dimples are scrumptious, he smiles so often and his laugh is infectious. He is generally a happy little soul!
  • He throws food and he does it with purpose. He makes sure you are watching and then he throws with all his might. We had plates flying across the room, cous cous landing everywhere. I bought a strong suction bowl, so no more flying plates, however now he just grabs handfuls of food and flings it to the floor.
  • He's a funny, boyish little thing. He adores balls, kicking, throwing, banging, cars, wheels, being outside, tickles, laughing and running.
  • Delicious little Chomp.

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