3 November 2010

Letters of old

I love letters. I should say, I loved letters, because I don't receive any these days, nor do I send them. I used to adore writing letters. Much of the first year of my relationship with Itay was through letters. We have kept them all. I also kept letters from friends during high school and my travels after school. My darling mum saved all the letters and momentos I sent during that time too.

I have a couple of boxes full of letters, poems, sentimental knick knacks and pieces of "I have no idea why I kept this" to sort through. Some of them are hilarious, some make me cringe in embarrassment. Some I have no memory of at all and others are just beautiful.

Bags full of memories.

This bundle includes my travel diary from my year in the UK, along with tickets to Buckingham Palace, movie tickets, letters and postcards. I was 18 when I travelled to the UK, in fact, I spent my 19th birthday at an outdoor concert, watching The Cure in Finsbury Park, London.

This letter is from a dear friend who I am still very close with. The letter goes on to say that she has been grounded for a year... A whole year, due to something that went down. I ahve absolutely no memory as to what it was! Her parents are very rational, open minded people so I really cannot think what it might be. I have to call her tonight! I would have been 16 at the time.

Do you have boxes of memories like this?

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Kelly said...

I used to have a box just like that full of letters. I threw it out years ago albums and I have regretted it ever since.