15 November 2010

point & shoot {weekend la la}

We had a beautiful, quiet weekend here... Swimming lessons, a drive to Fingal Head, getting bogged in the sand (not a highlight, I'll admit), naps, dinner with friends, a couple of drinks, more beach and quite a bit of sorting, tidying, mowing and weeding.

This photo makes me laugh. The small orange faced boy is totally cracking himself up, he thought he was so hilarious. The girl was just being her usual princess self. Funny kids!

The very beautiful Fingal Head. Actually this is a photo of Cook Island, just off Fingal Head.

A beach scene, found all over Australia.

The little guy loves iceblocks, unlike his sister, who will not even try them.

Joining in with Point & Shoot over at Fat Mum Slim.

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Kelly said...

Beautiful family pictures, looks like you had a great weekend.