22 November 2010

Ten things

Ille des Pins, New Caledonia, 2004

Kelly asked what little things make me happy? I'm not feeling on top of the world lately, so this is a little challenging. Also good for the soul, I need a little reminder!

1. Good quality sleep
2. Breastfeeding my baby boy
3. Reading a good book in a quiet spot on the beach
4. Taking photographs
5. Watching my children laugh together
6. Playing and swimming as a family on the beach
7. Eating interesting, delicious food
8. The smells of summer
9. Books
10. A bowl of summer fruit and yoghurt


Kelly said...

Oh wow so nice to know that I inspired you.

What a great list you have come up with, I also love quality sleep, seeing my children laught together, and being at the beach!

Peta said...

i like your list!

ps how bizarre. when i read your blog on my iphone it came up with this version, and then on my computer it as the other version (bloglime) but with the same content - different blog rolls though ...... now i am confused!