31 December 2010

Goodbye, 2010

Well, that went super fast!

I can't say I'm all that sad to say goodbye to 2010. Nothing too terrible happened but struggling with unemployment and associated financial worries were very draining. The kids have blossomed and grown and that is the most positive part of this year and our life.

I'll try to write a post later on with a few of things I'm hoping 2011 will bring. Two huge events are on the horizon, our trip to Israel and Malaysia and buying our own home. I also wish for 2011 to bring health, fitness and joy to our lives. And to yours.

Happy new year. May it be full of possibilities.

B xx

29 December 2010

Cookies for Santa

Actually, they were cookies for the kids' amazing carers at Kindy. The idea and recipe comes from Bakerella and I have seen it on quite a few blogs since then. This lovely blog, Make it Do put the Christmas twist on it.

My effort (assisted by the young lady) was quite dodgy but it was fun! The girls at Kindy loved them, and I think that is the most important feature. Not that I stuffed up the layering on my first one and put soft, fluffy white sugar in on top of the chocolate chips instead of firm, sticky brown sugar.

26 December 2010

brow beaten

On Christmas Eve, both Itay and I finished work early. I picked the kids up and we hung out at home. When Itay arrived home I dashed off to have my eyelashes and eyebrows tinted. The receptionist misheard me so I ended up with a brow wax as well, which was fine. I have very pale eyelashes and brows and sometimes a wax is a good thing!

I have a "thing" about my eyebrows being too dark. My features are quite fair and I feel that I look very odd if my eyebrows are too dark. I always ask the beautician to basically wipe the dye on and off my brows, just one shade darker than they already are. Sometimes, they leave it on too long and I end up looking like Madonna in her Vogue era. Arrggh! This time was one of those times. I can hardly stand looking in the mirror, I feel that I look so weird, and Itay echoed my sentiments!

I think it will be a long time before I do a brow tint again. Oops! Luckily I take 99.99% of the photos in our little family so there will be no evidence.


24 December 2010

We're all going on a summer holiday

What happened to QLD, beautiful one day, perfect the next? Please go away, rain!

Wishing you a lovely festive season....

21 December 2010

Button girl

Some of you may remember M's button fetish... She has this button glued to her bed head and she touches it to soothe herself to sleep. It all began when she started playing with the screws in her cot.
This is the girl, having a rare afternoon sleep after a trip up to Bris-vegas on the weekend. Princess ring still on her finger, finger on the button. Well, close to the button!

20 December 2010

Bed head baby

Just look at my Chomp. Moments after waking up. He's ridiulously comical and tussled. He's so chomp, I could eat him up.

19 December 2010

Catch up

Life has been busy and crazy since full time work began. What's been happening?

I bought a pair of killer heels and decorated a black mask to wear to my new work's awards dinner. I sat with my training group and we had an OK time. Kind of awkward when you're the newbies!

The kids seem to be adjusting well to the new routine. M is a whingy whiner crying crier but I am not sure if that is just an extension of her normal.

I've managed to get to the gym a couple of times.

We're not really doing Christmas. The kids received their major presents for Hannukah, a pink frilly sparkly big girl bike for M and a train table for O. He mainly uses it as a diving board though.

Off to Hervey Bay on the 25th. We're really hoping the weather decides to improve!

12 December 2010

The exercise issue

I'm struggling to find time and motivation for exercise at the moment. My hours at work at 8am – 4pm while in training, and although this sounds like loads of spare time, it isn’t working out that way.

We’re up at about 5-5.30am with O, M is up at about 6.30am. I have to leave at about 7.20am to get them to kindy and be at work on time. Then work until 4pm, pick the kids up and in to the evening mayhem. I breast feed O at about 7pm and M is in bed at around 8pm.

The times I could fit exercise in: Morning. I would need to get in and do the 45 minute RPM class at 5.30am, allowing me to be home by about 6.25am. I could try to stretch it and do another class (Pump, Attack) at 5.30am, getting me home by about 6.45am. This would be cutting it fine and a bit of stress for Itay. Only problem is, I really don’t love RPM.

Evenings: I could do some classes at 7.15pm or 7.45pm. We need to prepare for the next work day after the kids are in bed, so this would stretch all that out.

I’m making excuses. It all feels so hard.


11 December 2010

Tippy toes

I recently had my first ever spa pedicure and I was talked in to a manicure at the same time. I enjoyed the spa pedicure experience to a certain degree, and I love the colour on my toes. I’ll definitely be doing that again! I often have my eyelashes and eyebrows tinted as they’re so pale however that is about the extent of my beauty salon experience! Oh, I’ve had a couple of facials, always as gifts.
I may just be a convert to the spa pedicure now!

10 December 2010

No more teachers, no more school...

For this study period, anyway. I decided to withdraw from my study for this period while we settle in to our new family routine. Commencing full time work, kids in care five days, Christmas break... All of that combined with study (maths!) would just send me around the twist.

So, a break. I'm feeling a little tiny puff of fresh air in the evenings, I used to be bogged down in study every night and now I can actually talk to Itay. I might even find time for something a little creative!

9 December 2010

Party schmarty

Itay has his work Christmas party next week and my new job has offered us tickets to the formal masquerade party they are having next Friday night.

No dress. No heels. No mask. Should I go anyway? I suppose so.


8 December 2010

Goggle Head Girl

I had to buy M a new pair of goggles a few days ago and here she is, watching Play School in her goggles. Too grown up, too gorgeous.

Ooh, something exciting happening on Play School!

Too good to miss. Isn't she divine? I'm slightly biased, I know!

We're taking the pink princess to a Disney Princess show in January, hopefully she will enjoy it!

7 December 2010

It's summer time!

Seriously, you would not know it at the moment, but it is. I read Chantelle's post over at Fat Mum Slim and she inspired me write a list of the things I love about summer. Just so I can pretend it feels summery up here on the Gold Coast. It's been raining for weeks here and although it's quite steamy, we haven't had beach weather for a long few weeks!

So, a few things I love about summer...

swimming at the beach
bowls of summer fruit with yoghurt
smells of salt, sunscreen and frangipanis
sleeping with no cover
 beach dresses and thongs
my kids running around in just undies or a nappy
sharing a cold drink in the afternoons
gelato or sorbets in the sun
breakfast at the beach

We also have a little summer break to look forward to now! Both Itay and I have the week off between Christmas Day and New Year, and we have a beautiful friend who has offered us her empty apartment in Hervey Bay during that time. Divine! I'm so thrilled, it feels perfect.

Planting the seeds

M has been asking about growing some plants for ever. I bought a bag of potting mix a while ago and I had been meaning to buy some seeds and use it all as an activity for M to enjoy. I finally got around to buying a couple of bags of flower seeds, and we set to it. I re-used the pots from some plants I'd successfully murdered in previous times.

M loved pouring the potting mix in, adding the slow release fertiliser and planting the seeds. She waited patiently for them to sprout, and a week after we planted them, the first little seedling were pushing their way through. How exciting!

A great activity. Next time I'll buy some vegetable seeds as she is very keen to grow some vegies.

And a few weeks later, this what we have:

I'll let you know if and when they flower!

6 December 2010

Two days in...

I've completed my first two days at work and so far we are doing OK. The actual job and envirnment is something extremely new to me and one I am not sure I'll enjoy. However, I'll do it, as it needs to be done.

The first morning M had a melt down of massive proportions over her kindy clothes. Nothing was pink enough, twirly enough or princess enough. It was huge, took up a great deal of time and left us all a little shattered, all before 7am. It also meant I left both kids in tears as I dropped them at kindy, which is never a very good feeling.

I learned my lesson and now she and I are planning her clothes the night before. It feels ridiculous but I guess we do what we have to do to get through the morning and out the door on time.

2 December 2010


Last day with my kids. Work starts tomorrow. I know we will all be OK, but every time I think about it I feel tears pricking my eyes.

I should be writing lists and getting organised. Instead I am just sucking them in, playing and being silly. Off to the pool to meet up with my mothers group for the last time.

1 December 2010

Happy Hannukah

Tonight is the first night of Hannukah, also known as the Festival of Lights in the Jewish religion. There are eight nights and tonight we light the first candle on the Hanukiah (special candelabra). We're also off to the Hannukah Fair which is held every year in Surfers Paradise.

Itay has bought loads of suvganot (doughnuts!) for him and the kids, and also sevivon, which are little spinning tops. The kids are also receiving major gifts on Hannukah this year, rather than Christmas. So for M, that means a new pink bike with a doll seat on the back and a Tinkerbelle helmet. For O, that means a three wheel scooter.

Happy Hannukah!

O, discovering the joy that is the sevivon, jam filled kosher doughnuts.