12 December 2010

The exercise issue

I'm struggling to find time and motivation for exercise at the moment. My hours at work at 8am – 4pm while in training, and although this sounds like loads of spare time, it isn’t working out that way.

We’re up at about 5-5.30am with O, M is up at about 6.30am. I have to leave at about 7.20am to get them to kindy and be at work on time. Then work until 4pm, pick the kids up and in to the evening mayhem. I breast feed O at about 7pm and M is in bed at around 8pm.

The times I could fit exercise in: Morning. I would need to get in and do the 45 minute RPM class at 5.30am, allowing me to be home by about 6.25am. I could try to stretch it and do another class (Pump, Attack) at 5.30am, getting me home by about 6.45am. This would be cutting it fine and a bit of stress for Itay. Only problem is, I really don’t love RPM.

Evenings: I could do some classes at 7.15pm or 7.45pm. We need to prepare for the next work day after the kids are in bed, so this would stretch all that out.

I’m making excuses. It all feels so hard.



Kelly said...

I remember those days when I worked away from home, so hard to fit everything in. Try not to be to hard on yourself.


No, you're not making excuses - it IS hard! It's such a juggle fitting in exercise when you have a young family and full life.

PS: I'm currently running a deliciously decadent giveaway that I think will be right up your alley...