1 December 2010

Happy Hannukah

Tonight is the first night of Hannukah, also known as the Festival of Lights in the Jewish religion. There are eight nights and tonight we light the first candle on the Hanukiah (special candelabra). We're also off to the Hannukah Fair which is held every year in Surfers Paradise.

Itay has bought loads of suvganot (doughnuts!) for him and the kids, and also sevivon, which are little spinning tops. The kids are also receiving major gifts on Hannukah this year, rather than Christmas. So for M, that means a new pink bike with a doll seat on the back and a Tinkerbelle helmet. For O, that means a three wheel scooter.

Happy Hannukah!

O, discovering the joy that is the sevivon, jam filled kosher doughnuts.

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