7 December 2010

Planting the seeds

M has been asking about growing some plants for ever. I bought a bag of potting mix a while ago and I had been meaning to buy some seeds and use it all as an activity for M to enjoy. I finally got around to buying a couple of bags of flower seeds, and we set to it. I re-used the pots from some plants I'd successfully murdered in previous times.

M loved pouring the potting mix in, adding the slow release fertiliser and planting the seeds. She waited patiently for them to sprout, and a week after we planted them, the first little seedling were pushing their way through. How exciting!

A great activity. Next time I'll buy some vegetable seeds as she is very keen to grow some vegies.

And a few weeks later, this what we have:

I'll let you know if and when they flower!

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