8 January 2011

Clean up

Recently I have been having a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. Goold old insomnia. If one of the kids wakes me for any reason, I've been struggling fall back to sleep. Some nights I have actually just come and sat at the computer, trying to get random stuff out of my head.

I've figured out that on all of those nights, I enjoyed a few drinks after dinner. Coincidence or not, it feels like alcohol is a factor in these sleepless nights.

My body is felling jubbly and uncomfortable. Adding together drinks, eating out at least once a day for two weeks and my gym membership on hold for those two weeks, I'm feeling pretty jelly-like.

Time for a drought, I think. Time to detoxify my system. Time to energise and exercise. I know I said it just a few days ago, but seriously, this is it. I need to be kind to myself! I need to somehow fit the exercise in to this life, busy as it may be.


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