5 January 2011

I heart books

I adore books and reading. I learnt to love books from a very young age and I devoured Enid Blyton's books, Trixie Belden, and then Sweet Valley High. I moved on to the classics in high school, flirted with sci-fi and chick lit. I'll read almost anything, to be honest. I currently go to the local library at least once a week. I pore over the book shop catalogues and magazine book reviews, then I go online at my trusty old library and put a hold on any interesting books I find. I read too fast to buy books, it just isn't worth it. I read about five books a week in a good week. Mmm, books. I even love their scent, fresh new book. Love them!


Kelly said...

I love to read too. Last year I spend so much on books, and I don't have any more room to store them. I think I will try the going to the library this year instead of the book store.

L.E.I.A said...

Me too Blythe! Started with Enid Blyton, then on to Trixie Beldon, babysitters Club and sweet Valley High. I'm currently working my way through the A&R top 100 list as I find them (try and pick them up at op shops or borrow) we just donated lots of books because we simply can't keep them all! Today I just finished reading Life of Pi, loved it! My favs are any long series of big fat books - got any recommendations?

girlythirties said...

OMG ... Me too blythe ... And also Famous Five.. I still love to read today... When i make the move overseas i will be selling A LOT of books... breaks my heart but i can't really take them with me :) Except my favs... which I haven't worked out yet which ones..